Book covers that make me weak in the knees

I come to you today with a single mission: to bless your eyes with all the prettiest book covers I know of.

It’s going to be a pretty short post for today because I’m currently drowning in a massive pile of schoolwork and I’m so behind on everything and stressed and it’s terrible. Hope you can forgive me.

I’ve roughly categorized these amazing book covers by their aesthetic appeal. Keep in mind that the old aphorism – “don’t judge a book by its cover” – still stands, and I’m not necessarily recommending these books just because I greatly appreciate how they look.


the “simple but effective”

Sometimes, book covers can do so much with only a few shapes and colors. The minimalist approach may be simple to look at but it can be just as compelling and beautiful as any other.



the “wow! colors! pretty!”

These book covers have such pleasing colors and color combinations! I don’t know how else to describe it, but I just look at it and my eyes go “wow.” (I should be an art critic.)



the “woah symbolism”

These are the book covers that you look at like “okay” and then you read the book and look again and realize the significance of the cover and it completely blows your mind. It really shows the effort that cover designers put in!




In which I am blown away by artists’ abilities to make covers that catch the eye and capture the book inside. They’re just so pretty to look at and I’m amazed! I wish I could frame all of these and hang them on my wall.



the “idk man it looks really pretty”

I couldn’t figure out what category to put these in, but I love how all of these covers look. Kudos to the designers. These covers make my shelves look so pretty.



I hope you enjoyed this journey through some of my favorite book covers and I hope that some of them made you weak in the knees too!

What are your favorite book covers? Is there a particular element that you love to see on covers?

x Margaret

20 thoughts on “Book covers that make me weak in the knees

  1. I LOVE THIS POST! The Harry Potter spines look so perfect together, I just love staring at them in my booshelf haha I really like the Wild Beauty cover too, it’s definitely one of my favorites! sadly I haven’t read the book yet but I hope it’s as good as the cover haha

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  2. I kinda like the random pretty ones…
    But considering i mostly read thriller/crime… well, those don’t tend to be artistic. But i still prefer something classy, with not too many colours, and no flashy fonts and whatnot.

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  3. DUDE THIS POST IS A BLESSING! I love Strange The Dreamer cover looks, almost as beautiful as the actual writing, but have you seen the beauty that is the Muse of Nightmares cover??? I LOVE IT. WILD BEAUTY IS JUST SO BEAUTIFUL I CAN’T (insert crying and heart emojis here) I don’t like the cover for ADSOM that much though? oops.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh man I just looked up the cover for Muse of Nightmares and it’s so beautiful I can’t even handle it. Haha I just love the cover of ADSOM because of the contrast with the red and white and black and all the symbolism packed in 😍


  4. I’m sorry you’ve been stressed out and with loads of school work, I wish you all the best for this, YOU CAN DO THIS! ❤
    Thank you for blessing my eyes with these gorgeous covers – I especially love We Are Okay, Eliza and Her Monsters, Wild Beauty, of Fire and Stars… SO MANY GORGEOUS COVERS ❤


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