Ranking Harry Potter books & movies | HP Week Day 2!

Welcome to Day Two of Harry Potter Week, in which I rank the HP books and movies from favorite to least favorite!

Thanks to everyone who joined in for Day One! I loved reading all your posts and I can’t wait to see what you come up with for the rest of the week.

And of course, you can still join in with the rest of HP Week, counting down the days to the 21st anniversary of the first book! It’s gonna be lots of fun!


Book ranking (bottom to top)

7. Chamber of Secrets (#2)

There’s nothing really wrong with this one, it’s just never stood above the rest for me. Plus, I’m not a fan of giant spiders. *shudders*

6. Sorcerer’s/Philosopher’s Stone (#1)

Obviously, this is the one that started all the magic, but whenever I reread it, I just find myself eager to get on to the other ones. It’s a wonderful start to the series, but when you know how much amazing stuff there is to come, it feels more like a stepping stone.

5. Half-Blood Prince (#6)

This one has some of my favorite funny and cute moments, and it really does show how all these characters are growing up into awkward teenagers! But it does spend a lot of time on build-up.

4. Goblet of Fire (#4)

Who doesn’t love magical international tournaments?? Count me in. There’s so much to love about this book, from Quidditch World Cups to underwater tasks; from budding relationships to the dark shift at the end of the book that marks the turning point in the series.

3. Prisoner of Azkaban (#3)

I love, love, love this one for all the backstory on the Marauders! It gives the series a new sense of history and lets us learn more about Harry’s parents – which also means more sadness. And sometimes I forget how epic of a plot twist the Peter Pettigrew thing was the first time I read it.

2. Deathly Hallows (#7)

The epic conclusion!! This book is exciting from start to finish – I even find myself loving the camping sections because of all the tension between the characters. And there will never be anything to match that final battle and all the tears I’ve shed over those last couple chapters. It really sticks with you, ya know?

1. Order of the Phoenix (#5)

I find something new to appreciate in this one each time I read it. After Goblet of Fire, it’s such a dramatic shift in tone and in Harry’s character, but for me it feels perfectly in line with what he (and we, the readers) have been through. And I love the Dumbledore’s Army storyline so, so much. This book is incredibly painful, which obviously means that it’s my favorite. (Plus, it’s the longest one, which I love because it’s more HP for me to enjoy!)


Movie ranking (bottom to top)

8. Order of the Phoenix (#5)

Since Order of the Phoenix is my favorite book, I think I’m reasonably upset that so much of it is left out of the movie. Tbh, that’s my major complaint about most of the movies – them leaving out important parts. Of course this had to be shortened since it is, again, the longest book, but I feel like so much of it was lost in the movie.

7. Goblet of Fire (#4)

Ugh, those haircuts. Need I say more? Also, it’s super overacted and pretty annoying to watch.

6. Chamber of Secrets (#2)

This is actually the longest of the movies, apparently, but that doesn’t necessarily make it the best. It’s certainly not the most stylistically interesting and those kids are still kinda finding their feet with acting.

5. Prisoner of Azkaban (#3)

I know everyone loves this one, but I get SO ANGRY because it leaves out the whole Marauders plotline, which is like my favorite thing about this book. It doesn’t even explain that James is Prongs. Definitely favors flashiness and style over actual storytelling.

4. Sorcerer’s/Philosopher’s Stone (#1)

Like the first book, this one certainly has a nostalgia place in my heart, but when you know where the story is going to go, I’m always eager to get on to the rest of it. But those tiny kids are adorable.

3. Deathly Hallows pt. 1 (#7)

It’s hard to make half a story into a compelling movie, but I think this one does pretty well. Sure, the camping parts go on for a while, but overall I think it’s really well made a captures the darkness and hopelessness of the situation. Plus, I love the soundtrack.

2. Half-Blood Prince (#6)

It might be an unpopular opinion to find this movie really enjoyable. Yes, it leaves out some vitally important relationship stuff and adds on that weird scene where the Burrow burns down, but its tone is this perfect mix of funny and dark, and I think it hits the mark in a lot of ways.

1. Deathly Hallows pt. 2 (#8)

This is probably because I have the strongest memories attached to this movie (going to the midnight premiere in 2011), so I feel a very strong attachment toward it. And it never fails to make me cry. Of course I still have problems with how the story was adapted, but it’s truly an epic and emotional conclusion to the series.


Which are you favorite and least favorite books and movies? 

Remember, it’s not too late to join in for Harry Potter week!

16 thoughts on “Ranking Harry Potter books & movies | HP Week Day 2!

  1. I didn’t do the movie ranking because I don’t remember mush from the movie, but I DO have a strong attachment to The Deathly Hallows pt II !!

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  2. Dude, I feel like a lot (though not all) of your unpopular opinions align with mine. Like, I also hated Goblet of Fire and Order of the Phoenix movies (and Azkaban was so watered down in terms of the Marauders, totally agree), and I strangely don’t hate Half-Blood Prince either; it’s got a good balance as you say, and I think it’s one of the more tonally consistent films in the franchise. 😛 Great post!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Aww! I loved reading this! Harry Potter is JUST SO AMAZING! My favourite books are The Prisoner of Azkaban and the Order of the Phoenix! My favourite movies are Philosopher’s stone and Deathly Hallows! xx

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