Top 7 Harry Potter characters | HP Week Day 3!

Welcome to Day Three of Harry Potter Week, in which I talk about my top 7 HP characters!

I’ve loved reading everyone’s responses for days one and two!! The Hogwarts Tag is always so interesting to read, and the book/movie rankings are fascinating! I’m pretty sure I’ve found every single one of the books at both the top and the bottom of lists. So many differing opinions!

Remember, you can still join in with the rest of HP Week, counting down the days to the 21st anniversary of the first book! It’s gonna be lots of fun!


As hard as this is to narrow down (because I love everyone in this series), I have chosen seven characters that I love with all of my heart. They’re in no particular order because choosing seven is already hard enough! So here they are…

Harry Potter

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Who else but the Chosen One himself?? I feel like it’s rare for people to say that Harry is their favorite, probably because he’s the narrator and he doesn’t immediately come to mind as the favorite. But he is such a gem. Even though he’s been through some truly traumatic experiences and had an awful childhood, which would be reason enough for anyone to be moody sometimes, he still has such a good heart. Plus, his sass (which really doesn’t come through in the movies) is incredible. “There’s no need to call me sir, Professor….” ICONIC.

Ron Weasley

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Ron really doesn’t get enough love. Growing up, he was always the character I related to strongly, because I often felt like the sidekick friend who was always overshadowed by my cooler, smarter, more popular friends. And yes, he makes some pretty bad decisions (let’s just not talk about the middle of Deathly Hallows) and can be prejudiced at times, but he grows so much in the course of the series and really comes into his own. He’s way more than just a sidekick.

Hermione Granger

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Who would I even be if I didn’t have Hermione on this list?? (Even if it does mean I have all of the trio here.) Pretty sure every young girl who grew up reading Harry Potter found a role model in Hermione Granger, and for good reason. She’s independent, badass, clever, and all around awesome. But let’s not forget about her flaws too – she can be temperamental and overbearing – but that only makes her a fully rounded and realistic character.

Ginny Weasley

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The movies really skimp out on Ginny’s character, which makes me endlessly angry. It’s also part of the reason that I didn’t come to fully appreciate her until I was a little older. But Ginny is such an incredible character and role model for girls. She starts out shy and reserved, but she grows into a fearless young woman who sticks up for herself and others. I really can’t blame Harry for falling head over heels for her.

Luna Lovegood

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Having such a unique, quirky, fascinating character to represent my house makes me incredibly happy. Luna is unapologetically herself – she doesn’t let anyone tell her how to look, speak, or act. Even when people bully her and call her names, she stays positive. And she’s extremely loyal to her friends!Β The only downside is that she doesn’t come into the series until book 5, so we only get three books with her!

Remus Lupin

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(^ always good advice)

Listen, I get so emotional about Remus Lupin, it’s not even funny. This poor guy lost everything – two of his best friends (supposedly) died, betrayed by the other, and on top of that he’s a werewolf ostracized by the entire wizarding community. But despite all that, he remains incredibly kind and soft and caring. He prioritizes others above himself, believing that he can never find happiness, which just breaks my heart. When he teaches at Hogwarts, he puts so much effort into making his students (such as Neville) feel safe and comfortable. I juST WANT TO KEEP HIM SAFE.

Minerva McGonagall

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If there’s any professor at Hogwarts that I would love to have as my own professor, it would be the indomitable Minerva McGonagall. She’s such an interesting character – she comes across as stern and strict, but there’s always this depth to her that shows how much she cares about her students. She would do anything to keep them safe. Even when Dumbledore is unreliable (or dead), she is Hogwarts’ rock. I adore her.

Who are your top HP characters? What do you think of my picks?

21 thoughts on “Top 7 Harry Potter characters | HP Week Day 3!

  1. I AGREE! Ron gets SUCH a bad rap! He’s not on my top 7 list (neither is Harry), but I really do love him as a character! To me he’s so perfectly imperfect. He’s like the stereotypical teenage guy. But he learns from all those stupid boy mistakes and grows. I think his willingness to grow makes him an awesome role model for young boys.

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  2. Agggh I love all your picks! I wrote most of my answers to this post last week, and all your reasoning match mine to the tee! I love Harry despite the fact that a lot people don’t choose him as the favorite, Ron grows so much throughout the series, and YEESH Lupin is totally awesome. Not to mention, McGonagall is such a badass. Awesome post!! πŸ˜€

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