Writing update #7 | your WIP in GIFs tag + Camp NaNoWriMo

Welcome back to another writing update!

Today I’ll be doing the “Your WIP in GIFs” tag, which I was not tagged for by anyone but I stumbled across it and thought it would be fun! And I’ll be giving an update on my Camp NaNoWriMo progress!

If you want to find out a little more about my current WIP, you can check out my last writing update. 😊


Your WIP in GIFs

The Rules

  • Thank the person who tagged you! (aka no one in this case)
  • Credit the creator of this tag (Michelle!) and link back to this post so she can find out allll about your WIPs!
  • Try to limit the amount of gifs you use per question – I’d say maybe stick to five or less but I’m not the boss of you

The Questions

Sum up your WIP in 4 gifs!

Related imageRelated image Image result for winning gifImage result for mountains gif

Time to introduce your main characters!

Nat (previously named Cece)

Image result for i'm not lonely i have me gif Image result for elsa gif


Image result for the human form of the 100 emoji gif Image result for center of attention gif


Image result for stop talking to me gifImage result for i know my value gif


Related image


Image result for ben wyatt gif Related image

If you were to meet your main characters, how would you react?

Image result for too precious for this world gif Image result for chidi gif Related image Related image

Also, I’d probably want to apologize for everything I put them through lol.

And if you were to meet your antagonist?

Image result for slap gif Image result for the worst gif parks and rec

My antagonist(s) are still not super fleshed out, since they haven’t really come into the story yet (oops), but just in general they are…the worst.

Is there any romance in your WIP? How would you sum it up in gifs?

Image result for holding hands gif funny Related image

My WIP is very romance-light, but the primary couple (not a main focus of the story at all) is basically two people who admire and respect each other a ton and are adorable.

How do other characters feel about this ship?

Related image Related image

Again, it’s not very prominent in this story, but the other characters are fully on board with this ship.

How do you want people to react to reading your WIP?

Image result for eating popcorn gif Image result for dragon game of thrones gifImage result for april ludgate gif

I tag the following people

No one, since I wasn’t tagged by anyone! But feel free to consider yourself tagged if this looks fun!


Camp NaNoWriMo

If you’ve been following along, you know that in April, I’ve been doing Camp NaNoWriMo, which is an offshoot of National Novel Writing Month. You get to choose your own goal rather than aim for the set 50,000 words.

This month, my goal was to write 30k words. And I am very, very behind.

The kind of behind that leaves me with 4839 words to write in the last two days of the challenge. (As of writing this post on the night of April 28th.)

Screen Shot 2019-04-28 at 3.34.21 PM.png

But since I hate failing, even self-imposed goals that mean nothing, I am still determined to finish! I only have to write 2,420 words both today and tomorrow! That’s nothing! 😅

As you can see from the graph, my progress this month has not been steady. My schedule at the moment is very irregular, which makes it hard to get into a writing routine that I need so badly in order to write regularly. I’ve also been working a lot this month, and even though I’m liking my job, it does leave me exhausted at times, not wanting to spend brainpower on writing.

All that said, despite my struggles with actually sitting down and writing this month, I’m actually still really, really enjoying this story! 

By the end of March, I had written about 17k words, and for April, I decided to start the story over. I’d done some more character and plot work and felt like I gained a much better sense of this story having written some of it already. So for April, I started back at square one, and hopefully by the end of the month, I’ll have 30k words!

It’s not a ton, but it’s a start.

I love all of these characters and I think I know them so much better than I did starting out. Even though I’m currently making most of it up on the spot, there are several larger plot points on the horizon that I can’t wait to get to.

So what’s next?

If WHEN I finished Camp NaNo, I’m going to continue working on this story! Last post, I said I’d like to have a finished first draft by the end of June, and I’d still like to aim for that. Not sure if that’s going to happen, especially considering that I have no idea how long this book is going to be, but why not shoot for the stars!

Wish me luck! 😅 I’ll just be over here typing furiously.

Related image

(^ my true form)


Writing music:

  • Bravado by Lorde (for my main character, Nat)
    • “I’m faking glory. Lick my lips, toss my hair, and turn the smile on”
  • Wild Heart by Bleachers (for her best friend, Devya)
    • “Come on and wait another year for dreams far away, to come home, to be brave”
  • Midnight City by M83 (for disaster boy™, Eli)
    • “The city is my church. It wraps me in the sparkling twilight”

An excerpt from my recent writing:

“When I breathed in, the cold air burned in my lungs, filling me up until I felt as if I was more sky than girl.”


Anyone else finishing off Camp NaNoWriMo? How would you describe your story in gifs?

x Margaret 

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15 thoughts on “Writing update #7 | your WIP in GIFs tag + Camp NaNoWriMo

  1. Love this tag! It’s so cute! Congratulations on your writing achievements! I know you’re not done yet but look at how amazingly you’ve done! I’ve not done Camp NaNo but I’ve done NaNo twice now and hope to make it a third this November, I completely get how hard it is but it’s such a fun challenge at the same time.

    Well done and you can do it!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dragons? Friendship? Perfect. Everything is so cute, and I already love it, even though I haven’t read it yet! 😉 I’m so excited for you! And congrats again on winning Camp NaNo!! I wish you lots of luck on trying to finish the first draft soon – you can do it! 💕

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hahahaha I was laughing at some of these GIFs. I love the Anastasia one (haha she has so much sass), and Regina George’s “You’re like, really pretty” would totally be my reaction too. 😂 Good luck on your draft girl! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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