What does Hamilton mean to me in 2020?

The year is 2020. In the midst of a global pandemic, an economic recession, and social unrest unlike anything during my lifetime, I open up my brand new Disney+ account (which was created for this and this alone) and click play on Hamilton: An American Musical. There's so much about this moment that I couldn't … Continue reading What does Hamilton mean to me in 2020?

All of my go-to feel-good movies

Today, I'm taking a quick break from talking about books and switch to something a little different: movies! Lately, I've been rewatching to a lot of movies that bring me comfort and happiness, so today I'm listing the movies that can always cheer me up. All of these are movies that I'm happy to watch … Continue reading All of my go-to feel-good movies

Non-bookish favorites from 2018

Shockingly, not everything I did this year had to do with books! Yes, most things did, but there were other things from 2018 that I enjoyed as well. Since I don't talk about these things a lot on this blog, I thought I'd dedicate a whole post to it. Here are some of the movies, … Continue reading Non-bookish favorites from 2018