Rating book cover changes

Cover changes can be hit or miss. When a book gets a cover redesign, whether it's for a paperback edition or an anniversary or a new addition to the series, there's a chance that it's going to be absolutely beautiful and make you curse the designers for making you buy yet another copy. Then again, … Continue reading Rating book cover changes

Women on book covers + female designers | #WHMReadingChallenge

Welcome back to the Women's History Month Reading Challenge, where we celebrate women and books, both the ones who write them and the ones inside them! And in today's case, the ones on the covers... HUGE thanks to everyone who joined in last week to talk about inspiring female characters! I loved reading everyone's posts … Continue reading Women on book covers + female designers | #WHMReadingChallenge

Book covers that make me weak in the knees

I come to you today with a single mission: to bless your eyes with all the prettiest book covers I know of. It's going to be a pretty short post for today because I'm currently drowning in a massive pile of schoolwork and I'm so behind on everything and stressed and it's terrible. Hope you can … Continue reading Book covers that make me weak in the knees