A (non-comprehensive) list of books that made me cry

I am a book crier. If read a book that I like - even if it's a happy book! - I cry. I can't help it. That said, there are a number of books through the years that have especially made me cry. We're not talking about misty eyes or a single tear running down … Continue reading A (non-comprehensive) list of books that made me cry

22 #ownvoices books about diverse women | #WHMReadingChallenge

This is the fourth and final week of the Women’s History Month Reading Challenge! Today's post is all about #ownvoices books by and about diverse women. Thank you so much to everyone who joined in for the past few weeks of this reading challenge! I've loved reading everyone's posts and seeing what you all are reading. … Continue reading 22 #ownvoices books about diverse women | #WHMReadingChallenge

Women on book covers + female designers | #WHMReadingChallenge

Welcome back to the Women's History Month Reading Challenge, where we celebrate women and books, both the ones who write them and the ones inside them! And in today's case, the ones on the covers... HUGE thanks to everyone who joined in last week to talk about inspiring female characters! I loved reading everyone's posts … Continue reading Women on book covers + female designers | #WHMReadingChallenge

Bookish Academy Awards 2019

It's awards season! To celebrate upcoming Academy Awards for films, I'm going to be creating my own awards for something that, frankly, I'm much more informed about: BOOKS! (Duh. What else did you expect?) The Academy Awards have categories for awards that they give every year, and I'm going to be giving awards to books … Continue reading Bookish Academy Awards 2019

2018 releases I still need to read

The good (and bad) thing about starting a blog this year is that I learned about so many wonderful sounding new releases! Far more than I could ever possibly read. Which is exciting, of course, but also overwhelming! Among all the amazing releases from this year, there are a few (aka 15) that I most … Continue reading 2018 releases I still need to read

Most Anticipated Books of 2018!

Fun fact: when I was typing this in my phone, it tried to write "anticipated" as "anti-capitalist." So, uh...that's something. Hey everyone! Okay, I know we're already a month into 2018, but we've still got eleven more to go for some amazing new books to come out. And there are so many this year that … Continue reading Most Anticipated Books of 2018!